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The internal policy of GEEOS TEAM consists in respect for and protection of our clients rights. Through becoming acquainted with our privacy policy you can learn what kind of information we collect and for which purposes we use it, and in which cases we can disclose your personal information to third parties.

All products and services of GEEOS TEAM are subject to this policy.

Security of your personal information

We commit to protecting your personal information that you provide to us. We utilize the security technologies, procedures and organizational measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

While transferring critical personal information (for instance, credit card numbers information) through Internet, we secure it using encryption techniques. If necessary, you can communicate with us via email, using our PGP key. Most of the messages that you will receive from us will be signed with our PGP key. This will give you a guarantee that the message was sent by us and was not altered by someone else during transmission.

We aim at protecting your personal information, however, we cannot guarantee that the information you are transferring is in safety.

Collection of personal information

In most cases you can use our products and services without disclosing your personal information. For example, you can post messages to our forum anonymously, or you can use our free software without letting us know. We use the collected data only for those purposes for which it was meant. We do not use your personal information for other purposes without your personal consent.

We can require your personal information in the following cases:

You became a user of our forum. In order to become a registered user of our forum, you have to provide your email address.
We will use your email in cases when it is necessary for normal functioning of the forum. For example, if you opt for receiving notifications about answers to your posts in the forum, the notifications will be coming to this email. In case of loss of your password from the forum, the password will be sent to your email.
Besides, you can make your email address available to other users (not recommended). Filling in all the other information is not mandatory but you may volunteer it.
ATTENTION! If you submit additional information about yourself, it can be accessed by the other forum participants.
This is a public forum. Please, take it into account before posting any materials to it.

Newsletter distribution
You subscribed for our periodical newsletter. In order to subscribe for newsletter concerning our project, you need to provide your email address. You can subscribe for our newsletter or unsubscribe from it at any time. Your email will be used only for sending our newsletters to it.
ATTENTION! Our newsletter is available in RSS format. We recommend you using this possibility of receiving newsletters from us. For this, you will need any RSS feed reader. In order to receive news in RSS format, you will not have to provide any personal information.

You have purchased our product or service.
If you have purchased any of our products, your personal information will be used ONLY to provide you with technical assistance and services. Your email address will be used for sending your Registration ID to you, later on it can be used for resending it to you in case of loss.
During transaction we acquire various personal information from you. In accordance with laws, the transaction information has to be stored for at least 3 years. During all this time you can use our Registration ID recovery service, as well as other services available to you.
ATTENTION! We can communicate your personal information to authorized agencies or contractors for providing the service you requested or for executing a transaction. (For example, to deliver the product you ordered by mail).

We will need your assistance to keep the information you provided precise and up-to-date. Please, let us know about all the changes in your personal information.

Collection of non personal information

We collect non personal information using website access log files and web counters. This information is utilized to get better understanding of user needs and to enhance the usability, performance and effectiveness of the site.

Moreover, we keep the technical information sent by you and use it to improve quality of our products and services: to correct errors, to add functionality requested by you.

Use of cookie files

Most of our site can be accessed without using cookie files. We make use of cookie files in order to grant you a more comfortable access to our site. For example, we store in cookie files your preferred language, and in our forum the cookie files are used to distinguish you among the other visitors. We do not use cookie files to track your browsing our site.

Providing your personal information to third parties

We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties without your consent. We can transmit your personal information within our organization for the purposes of data processing and storage.

We can communicate your personal information to authorized agencies or contractors for providing the service you requested or for executing a transaction. (For example, to deliver the product you ordered by mail).

In case of necessity we may use your personal information and other information to answer the court summons, bench warrants or writs. We may as well use our legal rights to protection from suits.

We can collect and eventually communicate the information at our disposal to third parties in order for them to investigate, prevent and suppress unlawful activities, fraud, situations which potentially threaten the physical safety of any person, violation of rules regulating the use of our site and other situations envisaged by law.

Links to other sites

Our sites may contain links to sites of third party companies that are beyond our control and that are not subject to this policy. We encourage you to become acquainted with the privacy policies published on those (and all the other) websites of third parties.

Children Privacy

We do not collect personal information from persons under the age of 13. If discovered that there are details of a child under 13 years, this information is deleted from our server immediately. We urge parents and persons standing in the place of parents to accompany the children when they surf the Internet.