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System Requirements

Gattaca Mail Server is Windows based e-mail Server that allow quickly setup own private or public e-mail exchange in local network and Internet. It will run on any computer with installed Windows operation system. Gattaca Server support running in virtual environment such as Microsoft Hyper-V, or VMware virtualization products, Amazon EC2 or similar cloud or VPS hosting; support direct internet connection or NAT environment (with port mapping or gateway service for SMTP).

When you use Gattaca Server, you can easy manage your mail server locally, remotely in intranet (LAN), or Internet (WAN) environment. Using remote console you can see active connections, register or erase mailboxes, check statistic and status of services, perform other administrator daily activities. You can take remote console with you, for example on USB flash drive. You may use console in batch files, for scripting any required functions. Gattaca Server use Windows Single Sign-On feature over TCP/IP. So you don't need to type your login*, or store it as clean text in batch files.

* Required elevated execution level (run with administrative privileges) for Windows Vista / 7, or security trust for current user.

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